A downloadable game for Windows

"Blockbreakers" is first person block breaking game,base on old pong/DxBall games.

You have limited amount of balls which you have to guide by slamming in to them with your character in order to destroy all the blocks in the level.

Gameplay is simple,you have to destroy all the block as fast as you can and with least possible contacts with the ball in order to achieve higher scores.

Game difficulty is casual if you don't stress about scores. And can be raised up to frustrating by turning on game difficulty modifiers.

Online leader-boards,co-op multiplayer and more levels are next in development.

Updated to v0.2
-Better FOV and movement speed in air

-Mose sensitivity option

-Added optional modifiers to increase difficulty and frustration : Flappy Mode and Sudden Death

-New splitting block

Install instructions

Run the cute shield icon named Blockbreakers and keep your fingers crossed.


Windows 64 bit

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